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Scott A. St.Clair has served the needs of entrepreneurs, growing companies and established corporations since 1976. Our ability to meet a variety of legal challenges allows us to act as general counsel for many closely held companies. At the same time, our experience with complex commercial transactions and corporate legal issues, from regulatory compliance to exit strategies, enables us to serve effectively on projects of narrowly defined scope and duration.

To learn how you can benefit from our experience, versatility and commitment to client service, contact us in Boulder. Our clients range from startups to companies in their second or third generation of operations. Our experience spans many industries, including real estate, natural foods, health care, high tech, recreation and fitness, construction, retail, hospitality and professional practice groups.

We understand what business clients need from their lawyers. We identify risk, suggest ways to deal with it, and keep business transactions moving forward. We show clients how to protect and expand their options for profit and growth. We also work hard to keep legal problems from becoming major distractions to your business and your employees.

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Establish a Continuing Relationship

Most businesses will benefit from an established relationship with an attorney whose understanding of the company and its objectives can streamline the delivery of legal services of all kinds. At Scott A. St.Clair, P.c., we serve Colorado clients as “outside in-house” counsel, ready to offer advice across a wide range of legal needs. Contact us in Boulder to find out more about the benefits of a general counsel relationship on your company’s terms. 

We not only perform the functions of general counsel for small businesses and closely held entitles of all kinds, we can also work closely with corporate counsel in larger companies as necessary to deal with special problems in employment law, regulatory enforcement, commercial law or business litigation. No matter how the relationship is specifically defined, our law firm can help small to mid-cap businesses deal with a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Formation and organization of new subsidiaries or LLCs
  • Revision of existing instruments such as by laws, operating agreements, partnership agreements or buy-sell agreements
  • Corporate governance, management issues and relationships within equity groups
  • Contract documentation (including severance) concerning executives, professionals, consultants or independent contractors
  • Risk management and compliance issues in employment law
  • Trade secrets, non-solicitation and noncompetition agreements
  • Real estate transactions from commercial leases to development and construction projects
  • Business sales and acquisitions, including valuations, due diligence and purchase and sale agreements.
  • Commercial loan agreements, secured transactions and private equity financing arrangements
  • Vendor and supply contracts, including equipment leases and software licenses
  • Intellectual property transactions
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Regulatory or administrative law issues with state or local government agencies
  • Business dispute resolution

Our clients include businesses engaged in industries and professions of all kinds: real estate investment or management companies, health care provides, bars and restaurants, natural products and fitness companies, organic food producers, construction contractors, professional practices, auto dealers and service companies, retailers and many others.

Learn more about our law firm’s ability to deliver prompt, efficient and effective general counsel services in Colorado. Contact Scott A. St.Clair, P.c. in Boulder at 303-440-7500 for additional information.   


Helping You Through a Complicated Process

Scott A. St.Clair has worked with clients to prepare a variety of simple and complex estate plans. He takes the time to learn about you and fully understand your goals. Then, he can prepare an estate plan that clearly defines your wishes and gives the proper amount of authority to the right people.

We provide comprehensive advice about estate planning and related matters, including:

  • Wills: The most basic estate planning document, a will allows you to decide who should receive what property after your death.
  • Trusts: Trusts, including revocable and irrevocable trusts, allow you (the “settlor” or “trustor”) to give someone else (the “trustee”) control over assets that are meant to benefit someone else (the “beneficiary”).
  • Advanced medical directives: Also known as living wills, advanced medical directives allow you to list what kind of medical treatment you would like should you ever become incapacitated. You can also name someone to make health care decisions for you.
  • Powers of attorney: Through a power of attorney, you can appoint one or more people to handle your finances and other affairs, including medical issues, should you ever be unable to do so yourself.
  • Probate and probate litigation: Probate is the process by which a deceased’s estate and assets are distributed. Probate litigation involves disputes that arise during probate, such as will contests.
  • Elder care: If you or your family member is a senior citizen, we can help you arrange an estate plan that will provide you with the care you need today while preserving your assets for the future.
I am very grateful for the assistance you gave me in sorting out my very complex business partnership and divorce problem. I am thrilled to have that behind me, and truly appreciate all the help and support that you provided in getting through that chapter of my life.


Mr. St.Clair was born in Lafayette, Indiana and has lived in both Massachusetts and Michigan. He has been an active member of the Boulder community for 42 years and a practicing attorney in the state of Colorado for 38 years. Early in his practice he litigated criminal matters and then practiced exclusively in personal injury and other civil litigation. For the last twenty years he has worked primarily in the areas of business and estate planning. Some of Mr. St.Clair’s interests are his family, including his two sons, golf, and skiing.


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